Welcome to Quareia 

a new school of magic for the 21st Century

The quarry is where one finds precious materials that can be fashioned into beautiful things. Extracting something from a quarry is a slow and arduous process, but what emerges is something of exquisite form and beauty. Just as the raw turquoise is carefully searched for, extracted, shaped and polished, so too the magical apprentice is brought from the depths of darkness, is shaped, polished and transformed in to the rare jewel of a real adept.

Quareia, the new school of magic for the 21st century, was created by adepts Josephine McCarthy and Frater Acher; two European magicians with solid magical reputations in their respective fields. After many months of discussion on the state of modern magical education currently available, the two magicians came to the conclusion that there was a need for an open free training course that would have the full range and depth of complete magical training.

The curriculum of Quareia takes a magical apprentice from the beginning of magic to the level of adeptship and beyond. The course has no superfluous text; there is no dressing, no padding – everything is in its place and everything within the course has a good reason to be there. There are no teachers: the course is designed specifically for lone exploration, experience and study. There is no one to do the work for you, or to break it down in to easy bits, no study buddies, and also no teachers to take advantage of the student or play power games with them. The success of the Quareia student comes from hard work/personal application, inner contact, and the necessary study work. It is a very old way of teaching and completely side steps all of the degeneracy that magical schools can become entangled in.

Quareia teaches the skills that underpin many different forms of magic. Rather than just teaching specific magical styles or methods, through learning the structural underlying techniques, forms and skills, and their various cultural and at times religious expressions from different cultures, the Quareia magician will be able to access any form of magic and understand it. 


The methods, information and techniques in the course enable the magician to engage any form of magic and work with it appropriately with the full knowledge of how that magic works, why it works and what is behind it. It also starts to guide the magician along the mystical path, a path outside of religions and faith, and one where the adept moves into mystical union with the universe around them.

The curriculum of Quareia goes into great practical and technical depth of all magical technique, and for the most part is magical education that does not appear in any books, anywhere. This is the training that is normally behind closed doors. The training is rooted in ancient magical traditions from a modern perspective, and is designed in absolute detail to ensure a complete and balanced training.

The construction and presentation of the course, and the fact that it is free and will remain free, ensures that anyone who wishes to commit the time, focus and energy to the work will be able to do it. It will not be hijacked, will not become commercial, and will not become something exclusive. It self-filters, self protects and has no alignment to any school, any lodge or any magical organization in the world: it is itself and will remain so. 

No Quareia student can buy their way to adeptship, and there are no shortcuts. But any adept that is officially recognized by this school will become known as a properly fully trained and fully capable magical adept. The reputations of Quareia and its founding adepts, Josephine McCarthy and Frater Acher, comes from the rigorous high standards of the magical work: by their fruits shall ye know them.

The course is currently being written, and as modules are finished, they are put up on the website.