Quareia was founded as a new magical school in 2014 and is the brainchild of occultists Josephine McCarthy (course writer and founder) and Frater Acher (site designer and co founder).

Josephine McCarthy in a Bavarian Forest - Photo by Frater Acher

Josephine McCarthy in a Bavarian Forest - Photo by Frater Acher

The two founders come from very different magical backgrounds but are both deeply dedicated to ensuring the successful future of magical education and development in the Western world. They have been joined by a small team of magicians from various occult backgrounds, who work as editors, advisors, and mentors. Together with the two founders, this group of magicians is foundation for The Fellows of Quareia, a group of working adepts who support the Work and also support each other in magical projects.

The Quareia course is divided into three sections, with each section having 81 lessons, which brings a total of 243 lessons from beginning to end. Each section is equivalent to five or six good sized books and the whole course when finished will be approximately fifteen books: it is a huge undertaking that is being written full time over a three year period. Web- designers and proof-readers working in the background all give of their time freely in support of the project. 

We are a school that is open to anyone, that is free and accessible online at any time. A school that is entirely focused on teaching the most essential skills in magic, with unknown precision and depth in its materials, yet free from any specific one style or religious overlay: various styles and religious patterns are studied and at times worked with, but do not form the foundation basis of the training. That is the vision of Quareia, the Latin word for ‘a place where stones are squared’. 


Quareia is not a course for the faint hearted, the dilettante, or the casual magical browser. It is also not a course for those looking for a magical social club, a ‘secret lodge’ that they can brag about, and it is not a course for the person who wishes to have every bit of learning spoon fed to them by attentive and well paid teachers. It is also not a collection of knowledge that can be simply dipped into according to subject matter.

It is a truly difficult course that challenges the student in every sense of the word. Why is it so difficult? Quareia is a course of ‘doing’; it is the practical application of magic in measured steps along with all the peripheral study, research, experimentation and practical magical work that truly teaches a student by direct experience and inner contact. It needs perseverance, self-discipline and courage.

A real school is built on the student’s eagerness to learn, their discipline in taking one step after the other, and to return the next day and continue where they have left off. It is built on the courage of the student who is willing to continue in the face of great difficulty, and it is built upon the success of that student who has succeeded against all odds. It doesn’t need to be built on secrecy, hierarchy or university-like exams. Life is a merciless teacher and so is real magic. It is a series of specific steps where every lesson builds on the previous one: there is no padding, and nothing has been left out.

Quareia is pure magical content for mature adults who can tame their desire for swift progress just as much as focus their energies to move forward steadily.
            The Insignia of Frater Acher - German adept and co founder of Quareia

            The Insignia of Frater Acher - German adept and co founder of Quareia


The time and costs incurred in creating, maintaining and mentoring this course are numerous, and if you should wish to contribute towards those costs, we would be very grateful. You can help by donating here. We are working very hard to strike a balance between ensuring the course is free and will always remain free in its entirety, while also finding ways to raise funds to ensure that Quareia continues to exist and the adepts involved have their basic needs covered for the work that they do, so that they can continue to contribute their time, work and expertise. We have a great dream but we also have to deal with the real world and all that such entails. You are welcome to donate at any time and such donation is always gratefully received and will be a big help to us. 

We are doing this to step magic out of the expensive commercial pattern that so often presents in Western magical education, but also to ensure that people around the world who can read English, who live in poor countries or who work in low paid jobs can access good quality magical education. Quareia is for everyone, not just the rich!

Even the smallest contribution will make a big difference. Thank you for helping us sow this magical seed.