how we organise QUAREIA

The reputation of Quareia comes from the rigorous high standards of the magical work: by their fruits shall ye know them. 

The Quareia course was written over a 3 year period and was posted freely online as it was written. A donation button was put up so that people could contribute if they wished to, but it was and is not obligatory to donate/pay as you feel.

 In 2018 we came to the conclusion that Quareia needed oversight, and also protection to stop it being misused in the future either from within or from without, and a proper structure that will help it develop future projects and expand the free texts pages.

 A student advisory board was formed as was a group of trustees. 

 The Quareia Trustees

The Quareia trustees are a small group of people who are committed to the work, aims and objects of Quareia. The trustees are all volunteers and comprise of student representation, academic representation, magical adept representation, and people who bring specific organisational skills to the table.

The Quareia trustees keep an eye on the school director and volunteers to ensure that there are no abuses of power or finance.

 The Student Advisory Board

The Student Advisory Board is made up from Quareia students, and they act as representative voices for the Quareia students in general. They also pay particular attention to structural, educational, and accessibility issues of students who are disabled, LBGT, foreign language students, and the unique issues that can arise as a result of culture, race, and different religions. They act as an intermediary between students around the world and the Quareia Trustees, bringing issues to light and offering suggested solutions. They are also involved in fundraising activities and make suggestions for future projects for Quareia.

The Quareia Fellows

The overarching magical health and integrity of the Quareia work is overseen by the Quareia Fellows - Quareia adepts who wish to dedicate their time and energy to ensuring the long-term survival of the Quareia course and subsidiary work.