Quareia was founded as a new magical school in 2014, and is the brainchild of occultists Josephine McCarthy (course writer and founder) and Frater Acher (site designer and co founder).

in 2014, occultist author and teacher Josephine McCarthy, after two years of discussions between herself and Frater Acher,  undertook to write a full ‘no holds barred’ in depth magical training course from beginner all the way through to adept and beyond that will always be available free online as downloadable lessons: that course is Quareia.

A comment from Josephine:

'I became aware that there is no accessible high quality training that is freely available, free of dogmatic styles, agendas or commercial interest. Magical training that is heavily tied to profits, fashions, and group politics cannot flourish properly, nor can an individual fully grow in such an environment. True magical development is dying under the weight of heavy commercialization and group factions: it is time to look at a different way of ensuring that the integrity of magic continues for future generations.'

Quareia was completed over the solstice 2016 after 2 years and nine months full time work writing and developing the course.

The Quareia course is divided into three sections, with each section having 81 lessons, which brings a total of 243 in depth lessons from beginning to end. It takes a minimum of five years to complete. The lessons are in the form of downloadable PDF files, all of which are free with no strings attached.

The modules are specifically designed to link into each other, and are not stand alone study modules. If you do not study them in sequence and do not do the practical work, you will not gain the skills and knowledge necessary to cope with and understand the adept work. Following the lessons in sequence gives you the skills and foundation to develop properly as a magician.

Quareia is not a course for the faint hearted, the dilettante, or the casual magical browser. It is a truly difficult course that challenges the student in every sense of the word.

Why is it so difficult? Quareia is a course of ‘doing’; it is the practical application of magic in measured steps along with all the peripheral study, research, experimentation and practical magical work that truly teaches a student by direct experience and inner contact. It needs perseverance, self-discipline and courage.

A real school is built on the student’s eagerness to learn. It is built on the courage of the student who is willing to continue in the face of great difficulty, and it is built upon the success of that student who has succeeded against all odds. It doesn’t need to be built on secrecy, hierarchy or university-like exams. Life is a merciless teacher and so is real magic. It is a series of specific steps where every lesson builds on the previous one: there is no padding, and nothing has been left out.. 

Quareia teaches the skills that underpin many different forms of magic. Rather than just teaching a specific magical style, through learning the structural underlying techniques, forms and skills, and their various cultural, magical, and at times religious expressions from different cultures, the Quareia magician will be able to access any form of magic and understand it.The methods, information and techniques in the course enable the magician to engage any form of magic and work with it appropriately with the full knowledge of how that magic works, why it works and what is behind it. It also starts to guide the magician along the mystical path, a path that reaches beyond religions and faith, and one where the adept moves into mystical union with the universe around them.

The curriculum of Quareia goes into great practical and technical depth of all magical technique, and for the most part is magical education that does not appear in any books, anywhere. This is the training that is normally conducted behind closed doors. The training is rooted in ancient magical traditions from a modern perspective, and is designed in absolute detail to ensure a complete and balanced training.

The construction and presentation of the course, and the fact that it is free and will remain free, ensures that anyone who wishes to commit the time, focus and energy to the work will be able to do it. It will not be hijacked, will not become commercial, and will not become something exclusive.

It self-filters, self protects and has no alignment to any school, any lodge or any magical organization in the world: it is itself and will remain so. Various magical, mystical and religious systems are looked at, and some are worked with, so that the student learns the base mechanics from looking at a structure from within, in order to gain true understanding and skill.

No Quareia student can buy their way to adeptship, nor is previous training accepted: there are no shortcuts – everyone starts from scratch in order to build a solid and powerful magical foundation.


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Quareia, the Latin word for ‘a place where stones are squared’