Bringing to life the entire curriculum of Quareia over three years, and then nurturing it into maturity requires significant skill, planning, long hours of hard work, and funding. The latter is especially true as no financial interest is attached to this project. All of the designing, writing and web-publishing are done for free to support your magical journey.

The curriculum in its entirety is the volume of fifteen large books. It is free and will always remain free as accessible online lessons. Mentoring is provided from Initiate level onward and is funded by voluntary donations, so that being mentored is not dependent upon the ability to pay.


The below list acknowledges the generous support of friends, magicians, students, and supporters who through their donations, enabled this project to happen, and also enable us to continue to develop Quareia into the future as a major magical resource.

We are deeply thankful for their contributions, and we hope the work itself will inspire you to contribute as well.

You can support our efforts here or by clicking on the button below.

Thank you,

Great things are never achieved alone, but they are possible through the support of a community.

Workers of Quareia

  • Josephine McCarthy -  Course Director. Curriculum Designer & Writer, Concept Development, .
  • Frater Acher - Course Webpage Designer, Concept Development
  • Stuart Littlejohn - Artist
  • Michael Sheppard -  Course Editor and Contributor (ancient history and translations of ancient/classical languages)
  • Cassandra Stewart - Artist
  • Jane Mallin - Quareia Student Organiser
  • PT - Audio/Video edits and design
  • Joe Flinders - Video/audio for youtube
  • Toni Paris - Astrology
  • Woody Evans - Customs search design
  • Ivana Luna - Language translations

Benefactors of Quareia

  • Brother Martin
  • Frater Acher
  • Christin Cleaver
  • David Martin
  • Jane M
  • David Thompson
  • Jean Smetz
  • David Lane
  • Lady Anonymous
(Anyone making a total donation of 500+ GBP has the option to have their name listed here)


Patrons of Quareia

  • Paolo Sammut & Karen Mosley
  • Marin Kovacevic Hora
  • Alexander Axt
  • Anonymous
  • Jean Smetz
  • Margaret Casey
  • Stacy Cannady
  • Frater FSD
  • Orsolya Cserenyi
  • Edwin
  • Anonymous June 2017
(Anyone making a total donation of 250+ GBP has the option to have their name listed here)

  • Thomas+ Zetty
  • PS
  • William Good
  • Anonymous
  • Jan Schrage
  • Joann Keesey
  • Richard Levy
  • Donnette Reynolds
  • Jon Browne
  • Sarah Cherry
  • Donette Reynolds
  • Adrian
  • Edwin
  • B Buczynski
  • Tumi Boyle
  • ivana Luna
  • Simon Bartley
  • Reject Dogma
  • Donnette Reynolds
  • Toni Paris
  • Mini Kingman
  • Maria Morus
  • Kristian Markus
  • Marina Banchetti

Sponsors of Quareia

  • Alessandro Pierfederici
  • Jaimie Pattison
  • Pammie Couchman
  • Anne H
  • Betty Widerski
  • Duncan John Dinsdale
  • Jason Caron
  • Ivan Sperone
  • Jason Pevny
  • Barbara Anthonissen
  • The Dreamspring Institute
  • Frater Yhy Aur
  • Horus
  • Anonymous
  • Lance Foster
  • Anon
  • Pamela Joy
  • Orsolya Cserenyi
  • Ian Aitchison
  • Andrew Cary
  • Anonymous
  • Nicholas Collins
  • MIrko Krecar
  • Christian Medaglia
  • Vicegodgiarc
  • Rob Fraser
  • Hunter
  • Mark Mueller
  • Ian
  • Daniel Alter
  • Greg Heath
  • Pierre Yves Coudert
  • Ivana Luna
  • Gordon McMillan
  • Anon
  • Autumn
  • Peter Christou
  • Pamela Joy - sponsored a student for the 2017UK Apprentice residential
  • Peter Irish
  • Neil Tretheway
  • Pirogue Dupree
(Anyone making a total donation of 100+ GBP or sponsoring a student place on a residential has the option to have their name listed here)

Friends of Quareia

August 2016 - 2018

  • R Baumgartner
  • Karen Phillips
  • Kevin Gelesh
  • Sue Terry
  • S Dobbs
  • Simon Bartley
  • Sweesh
  • Reject Dogma
  • Farshid
  • Amanda Irions
  • Anon
  • Brenda Biundo
  • Jose Diaz
  • Eric Hester
  • Martien Van Ee
  • Emmet Louis
  • Joseph Davis
  • Lea Jones
  • Sweesh
  • Jonathan
  • Andrea Hytch
  • 9th House Astrology
  • Lea Jones
  • DJ Fox

(Anyone making a total donation of 25+ GBP has the option to have their name listed here)

To view the names of those friends who made the creation of Quareia possible, please click this link 2014 - 2016 Archive of Friend donors