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Occultist author and teacher Josephine McCarthy has undertaken to write a full ‘no holds barred’ in depth magical training course from beginner all the way through to adept and beyond that will be available free online as downloadable lessons: that course is Quareia.

A comment from Josephine:

'Recently I set up a small online site called ‘choosing your magical path’. Through the creation of that site it became very obvious that there is no accessible high quality training that is freely available, free of dogmatic styles, agendas or commercial interest. Magical training that is heavily tied to profits, fashions, and group politics cannot flourish properly, nor can an individual fully grow in such an environment. True magical development is dying under the weight of heavy commercialisation and group factions: it is time to look at a different way of ensuring that the integrity of magic continues for future generations.'

Quareia is currently in its inception. Josephine McCarthy has designed a full curriculum for self study that will take the individual from beginner level all the way through to adept. It is a practical course, with lots of exercises, tasks, experiments, knowledge and experiences that guide a lone practitioner through the journey to becoming an adept. She has also already written the first lessons as you can see in the Apprentice section.

However, in order to bring to life all 81 lessons for each of the three sections, (243 lessons in total, approximately 750,000 words) a huge amount of work lies ahead of us. In its total volume it will be similar to between eight to ten published books. All of these will be made available online for free download. 

The funding necessary for this project is beyond the capabilities of a single person. No publishing house anywhere will become involved as it is a 'not for profit' venture. What is needed is the funding to be able to give Josephine McCarthy the necessary time to write the full course. This will involve thirty six hours of writing a week, over an eighteen month period.

The goal is to maintain Quareia as a long term free resource online, fully accessible to all who wish to study the course regardless of income. Web- designers and proof-readers working in the background all give of their time freely in support of the project. In the future, once the course is fully written, Quareia will have a ‘subscribe only’ section, which for a small fee will give people access to video and audio lectures. This will help to sustain the project and keep it on line.

If you wish to look at more in depth details of the course, you can download the PDF here, which gives a complete overview of the course, how it operates and how it will develop. This course is big enough, and detailed enough to change the face of magical training worldwide. By being always freely available, it will ensure that no matter what the financial situation of the student, if they have access to the internet, they can study. All it will need is their time and application.

This is a part of a world wide shift in how education in general is approached: top ranking universities around the world are putting their course lectures on line for free in a move to ensure access to education is equal for all. The Fellows of the Quarry, the adepts involved in the creation and maintenance of Quareia, feel that this shift in attitude is something that should also flow through the magical community.

Great things are never achieved alone, but they are possible through the support of a community. If you can help in anyway, please join us to bring positive and lasting change to magical training worldwide.

Thank you all. 

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The campaign counter is updated every 12h for a total of 31 days.

The campaign counter is updated every 12h for a total of 31 days.

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