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in 2014, occultist author and teacher Josephine McCarthy  undertook to write a full ‘no holds barred’ in depth magical training course from beginner all the way through to adept and beyond that will always be available free online as downloadable lessons: that course is Quareia.

A comment from Josephine:

'I recently became aware that there is no accessible high quality training that is freely available, free of dogmatic styles, agendas or commercial interest. Magical training that is heavily tied to profits, fashions, and group politics cannot flourish properly, nor can an individual fully grow in such an environment. True magical development is dying under the weight of heavy commercialization and group factions: it is time to look at a different way of ensuring that the integrity of magic continues for future generations.'

Quareia was completed over the solstice 2016 after 2 years and nine months full time work writing and developing the course. Josephine McCarthy has designed and written a full curriculum for self-study that will take the individual from beginner level all the way through to adept. It is a practical course, with lots of exercises, tasks, experiments, knowledge and experiences that guide a lone practitioner through the journey to becoming an adept.  It is now finished, and freely available for any who wishes to undertake lone training - it will always remain free on the internet while ever there is an internet to host it.


Creating and making this material available for free is a part of a worldwide shift in how education in general is approached: top ranking universities around the world are putting their course lectures online for free in a move to ensure access to education is equal for all. The Fellows of the Quarry, the adepts involved in the creation, maintenance and mentoring of Quareia, feel that this shift in attitude is something that should also flow through the magical community.

We feel it is necessary to follow this unique movement in opening up magical education, so that regardless of income or location, people who wish to become dedicated to proper training can do so. Unlike universities, we do not have funding nor do we have paying students: we rely solely on donations to keep the work online, to develop necessary resources for study, to give lots of time and attention to mentoring students, and to provide study books or resources for students in countries where they are not available for one reason or another.

Donations are one way we can achieve this. If people wish to contribute, then it is gratefully received and will be put to good use. And if people cannot donate, or do not wish to, then Quareia training is still there, and is still free. It is up to the individual.

Great things are never achieved alone, but they are possible through the support of a community. If you can help in anyway, please join us to bring positive and lasting change to magical training worldwide.



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