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Josephine McCarthy (born Josephine Dunne) December 1962 is a British born occultist,  esoteric author and founder of Quareia Magical Training School.

Born in Bradford, and raised in various places around West Yorkshire, England, Josephine was educated at St Joseph’s College for girls on scholarship, and also studied Classical Ballet to Professional level.

Josephine conducted magical training workshops, residential courses, and lectures across the USA from 1993 to 2007, and spoke at various conferences on occult subject matters, more recently speaking at British Occult Conferences in Glastonbury and London.

She began writing in 1999 while living in the USA, her first few books being esoteric fiction. Her first non-fiction occult book was ‘The Magical Training of the Initiate’ written under her maiden name and published by esoteric publishers ‘Sun Chalice Books’ USA, in 2005.

On returning to the UK in 2008 She wrote a further eight nonfiction occult books which started to bring her work to the attention of a wider occult magical audience. Her work is known for its down to earth, detailed and original approach to the esoteric and occult mysteries: “She is revolutionizing esoteric teaching with her honesty, courage, and dedication to the work” – Greg Kaminsky Occult of Personality (citation link http://occultofpersonality.net/the-magickal-work-of-josephine-mccarthy/ )

Josephine lives with her husband, magical artist and classical ritualist Stuart littlejohn in Dartmoor National Park in the south West of England. She has two grown up daughters, her eldest who is also a magician and an artist: Cassandra Beanland, and a grandson.

 Josephine McCarthy in a Bavarian Forest - Photo by Frater Acher

Josephine McCarthy in a Bavarian Forest - Photo by Frater Acher

frater acher



Frater Acher is the 'nom de plume' of a German adept and writer based in Bavaria, Germany. Frater Acher earned his magical title of Frater after ten years of training through IMBOLC under the watchful eye of his teacher, Agrippa.

With twenty years of magical experience under his belt, Frater Acher became known to the wider magical community through his magical blog at theomagica - a website rich in magical writings, observations, reviews, teachings and magical graphics.

His work has become well known and respected in magical circles around the world, and he is currently working on a series of books that will be published through Quareia Publishing UK.

Frater Acher is responsible for the online presence of Quareia as well as being behind the inception of the idea of a new form of magical education.

Frater Acher's blog can be found here