LXXXI - THE STORY of its creators

LXXXI is a collaboration between artist/magicians Stuart Littlejohn and Cassandra Beanland, magical adept Josephine McCarthy, and advisers Frater Acher and Aaron Moshe. 

In 2005 Josephine McCarthy and Cassandra Beanland began to work together towards creating a magical deck that would reflect the powers of the inner and outer worlds in a way that magicians could utilise it in their work. Cassandra began the painting process, and each of her works were done on large canvas with acrylics.

In 2011 Stuart Littlejohn agreed to join the project as he had also begun work on a deck working along similar themes. Stuart worked in his very distinctive manner: working on a smaller scale in water colour, in breathtaking detail. It was one of those perfect timing incidents where everything comes together at the right time. A couple of years later Frater Acher and Aaron Moshe also joined in with the project, offering their advice, help and support. The beautiful card backs and box cover image was designed by Frater Acher, and is a combined image of two paintings by Stuart Littlejohn.

Stuart Littlejohn

Stuart Littlejohn is an artist and illustrator specialising in Magic and Myth; his influences range from ancient art through the Renaissance to the Pre-Rapaelites, Symbolists and Classicist of the 19th Century. As a magician,  he has written and co-organised a wide variety of rituals and group workings based along the theme of Classical Paganism. His long experience, deep insight and knowledge, informs and underpins his paintings. Stuart lives in the UK with his partner Josephine McCarthy.


Cassandra Beanland

Cassandra Beanland is a British born artist now resident in Nashville USA.  She is an artist and illustrator who specializes in mythic, magical, and fantasy art. Cassandra started her initial art training in California under the watchful eye of Mina Bauer, an Iranian artist from Tehran. Her work has exhibited in the UK and USA, and is in various private collections around the world. She is also a working magician who specializes in visionary magic, and was trained by adept Josephine McCarthy. 

Original paintings for the deck by Cassandra Beanland are available for sale on her website -


Josephine McCarthy

Josephine McCarthy is an author and magician living in the UK. Josephine has been teaching and writing about magic for twenty five years both in the UK and USA. Her books include The Magical Knowledge trilogy, The Work of the Hierophant, and Magic of the North Gate. She is also the author of the free online Quareia Magical Training Course, which she co-directs with Frater Acher, a German adept and writer based in Munich. She lives in Dartmoor National Park in the UK, with her partner Stuart Littlejohn.