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The Book of Gates - A magical Translation

The Book of Gates is a rich and epic magical translation of an Egyptian New Kingdom Royal funerary text that is steeped in mystical and magical secrets for the living as well as the dead. The Book of Gates is a profound and enigmatic magical text that leads the magical seeker on the harrowing and uplifting journey through the underworld in search of ascension and transformation into the Justified adept.

The Book of Gates: a Magical Translation is a visual feast of colour and black/white ancient images, lovingly reproduced by magical artist Stuart Littlejohn along with originals of his work and photographs from the tombs themselves. 

Translated by Michael Sheppard and interpreted bymagical adept Josephine McCarthy, the combinations of the magical translation and interpretation along with the magical art, offers the reader page after page of enigmatic puzzles, insights, and magical keys that expose the early distant roots of alchemy, ritual, and magical vision.

Hardback and paperback editions available

ISBN 9781911134213   hardback 348 pages$45.99    £ 36.99   Available through Amazon and most online retailers.

ISBN 9781911134220 paperback 348 pages$39.99    £ 26.99   Available through Amazon and most online retailers.

Here is a blog post by Michael Sheppard with details around the appearance of the Gates on the sarcophagus of Seti I, and images for close up inspection


The Minerva Britanna

Introduction by Josephine McCarthy - 

Minerva Britanna, written in the early seventeenth century by Henry Peacham, is an enigmatic magical book of poetry and images that mixes together Renaissance faery magic, Elizabethan codes, Hermetic wisdom, and echoes of kingly advice. It is a puzzle book of those magical Mysteries that have to do with the land, the monarch, the sacred duties of the nobleman, and the faery secrets of Britain.

It is a book of visionary constructs, gateways, and keys, hidden among flattery, mathematical puzzles, and historical reflection, all rooted within the sacred land of Britain and the sacred kingship. For those wishing to delve into the deeper Mysteries of traditional English Renaissance faery magic, Minerva Britanna is the perfect book to work with. By peering back into the soul of English Renaissance magic through Minerva Britanna, we can recover that wildness in our magical practice, and bring back to our work some of the love of playfulness and puzzles. . . and the shadow of the Faery Queene.

ISBN 9781911134237   paperback 246 pages   $23.99    £ 15.99   Available through Amazon and most online retailers.