The deck is arranged into four main realms: The Divine Realm, The Inner Realm, The Physical World, and The Realm of Death. Each Realm has various powers, beings, places and people who operate within their own realm, and who are represented in the deck. The deck does not have every being in it that a magician may meet or visit; rather it has the ‘main players’ in the fate of humans and magic. Each card represents a Divine Power, an angelic power, an inner contact, an inner or outer place, a spirit, being, or a specific quality of a person.

The cards also have various layouts - or card spreads - that work with them and they can be viewed on the layout page. We will add more layouts over time.

The cards themselves can be used in many different ways. Besides using the cards with the layouts, they can also be worked with in meditation and magic. The cards, which are inner contacts, spirit beings, places and powers can be worked with in a ritual, visionary or meditation setting in order to connect with those powers, or to bring the power into a ritual work space. 

If selected cards are placed on the directional altars, they can be worked with to build up thresholds for inner contacts, or placed upon a central altar as the main focus for the magician to connect with that power or place. 

Similarly, if the magician wishes to work in vision in a certain inner place or realm, or connect in vision with a specific contact or being, placing the card as a certain point of focus can create a threshold where the magician can pass into the card. As a passive form of contact, carrying a specific card around, or having it close to where you sleep can enable the bridge of connection between you and the place/contact. The more the magician works with the cards and gets to know them, the deeper the connection with be. This is because all of the inner contacts, spirits, places and beings in this deck are real, and are powers that many different magicians have worked with throughout time. 

The people of the human realm are different: they are based upon certain qualities of humanity that tend to arise in magical communities or around the magician. They are indicators that tell you what sort of personalities you are dealing with behind the everyday masks that people present to you.