Quareia Publishing UK

intelligent magical books for the twenty first century

Quareia Publishing grew out of the need to put into paperback the modular lessons of the Quareia course. Now the course has finished, we have decided to continue with publishing, and we now present new, interesting, and intelligent books for the magical reader.

Our authors are known and unknown, established and new voices, working side by side to create wonderful books!

LXXXI - The Quareia Magician's Deck

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 Quareia Publishing ensures our writers and editors get good royalties for their work, and all profits go towards supporting the Quareia project.

We do not sell direct to the public, with the exception of the LXXXI Quareia Magicians deck, rather our books are available from Amazon and most online retail book stores.

Our books are created through print on demand, which keeps costs down, and we distribute through most online retailers, ensuring that our books are accessible and affordable.