Quareia's Supplementary study text free download page

In keeping with Quareia's code of ethics, all supplementary texts that we produce, that are necessary for the course study can be found here as free downloads, and are also available to buy on Amazon retail outlets.

The LXXXI Quareia Magicians Deck is now available at Quareia Publishing's website


Free Quareia Books  - click on book image to download


Free download of the Quareia deck book


The second edition handbook for the LXXXI Quareia Magicians deck. This free download does not contain the full page artwork that features in the printed book, but has all the same detailed information both magical and mundane for each card, and a variety of card spreads


The Quareia Apprentice Study Guide

The Apprentice section of the Quareia course has no mentoring, which makes it the most difficult part of the magical training to complete. The Quareia Apprentice Study Guide provides answers to basic questions, details the structure and approach of the course, examines some of the common training issues, and explains the core concepts presented in the course.

The Quareia Apprentice Study Guide is aimed at apprentices who are studying the course: it shines lights into the less obvious corners of magical training to help guide you along your magical path.  

This title is available on all Amazon retail outlets


Free  Spanish translation of the Quareia deck book


A free Spanish translation of the Deck Book has been kindly provided by Ivana Luna, a Quareia student. It is in PDF form and can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the book image.

Quareia wishes to thank Ivana for all the hard work she did on this translation, which was done as a service to the magical community. I am sure it will be a great help to many people.