LXXXI - The book

Click on the image for a free download of the book that
accompanies the Quareia Magicians deck.

This book gives detailed explanations of each card in the deck, plus it outlines the layout that works with the deck. Each card is looked at in terms of its power, the being or contact it represents, and how that power presents itself in a magical or mystical setting.

Some of the cards are numbered, and some are not: the numbered cards reflect powers upon the Tree of Life, but are named by virtue of their power as opposed to their Kabbalistic names.

The book is written specifically for Quareia students,and is used in conjunction with the course from the Initiate section of training onward, but any magician will be able to work with the deck and book. There are many mysteries hidden within the deck/book, and those mysteries will emerge for magicians as they become familiar with the deck.

This free download is for personal use only and may not be reproduced in any way.

alternative layouts

Here are a couple of alternative layouts to use with the Quareia Deck, and other layouts are also outlined in the Quareia course for students to work with. Thee deck also be applied to any layout, so experiment!