Welcome to Quareia 

a new school of magic for the 21st Century

We are a school that is open to anyone, that is free and accessible online at any time: you do not need to sign up for anything .

A school that is entirely focused on teaching the most essential skills in magic, with unknown precision and depth in its materials, yet free from any specific one style or specific religious overlay: various styles and religious patterns are studied and at times worked with in depth, but there is no one creed, culture or system that forms the foundation basis of the training.

It is structured like a pyramid: a wide and solid foundation that rises to a pinnacle.

Quareia, the new school of magic for the 21st century, is a concept that was born out of conversations between adepts Josephine McCarthy and Frater Acher; two European magicians with solid magical reputations in their respective fields.

There are no teachers: the course is designed specifically for lone exploration, experience and study. The success of the Quareia student comes from hard work/personal application, inner contact, and the necessary study work. It is a very old way of teaching and completely side steps all of the degeneracy that magical schools can become entangled in.

These wise men the Greeks call Philosophers; and amongst the Egyptians they were termed Priests; the Hebrews termed them Cabalistos, Prophets, Scribes and Pharisees; and amongst the Babylonians they were differenced by the name of Caldeans, by the Persians they were called Magicians
R.Turner London 1654

facebook Community groups for Quareia students

For people who are seriously and methodically studying the course and who have worked past at least lesson five of Apprentice module two, there is now a closed and secret (for privacy) Facebook group for apprentice discussions and making friends.  Please do not ask to join if you are simply considering joining the course or have just started the course, or are not following the course in the prescribed methodical manner.

The Quareia community group is for people who are seriously studying the course with a view to eventually completing the course from start to finish.

To join the group please contact Josephine McCarthy using the contact page. You will be asked to prove, through your coursework, that you are at the required level of training.

We also have a closed Facebook group called Quareia Magic Discussion group that people can join if they have just started the course or are interested in Quareia magic. It can be found on Facebook by searching Quareia Magic Discussion group. If you apply, please answer the two questions posed.

No Quareia student can buy their way to adeptship, nor is previous training accepted: there are no shortcuts – everyone starts from scratch in order to build a solid and powerful magical foundation.

Mentoring is available from the Initiate level onwards. Any mentored student that successfully completes the course, becomes an adept that is officially recognized by this school: they will become known as a properly fully trained and fully capable magical adept. The reputation of Quareia comes from the rigorous high standards of the magical work: by their fruits shall ye know them.

To get started with your training, scroll down through this page and you will find information on how to approach the course, and details about each section of the training.

Start with Apprentice module one lesson one and simply work your way through the course in sequence. The whole course should take a minimum of five years to complete: this is a true training of mastership in the magical arts - it is not a casual interest course.

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Dripping water hollows out stone, not through force but through persistence.
— Ovid