The reputation of Quareia comes from the rigorous high standards of the magical work: by their fruits shall ye know them. 

For students who are actively studying the course in its prescribed manner, and have completed at least the first lesson, there is an online closed forum for debate.

If you wish to join the forum, please send an email using the contact formwith a heading ‘forum request’.

In the body of the message put the email address you would like to use, and include your age, name and what lesson you are currently studying. This is not a forum for casual interest, nor for people who are simply interested in Quareia. The forum is not connected to social media.

 All new members of the forum join the ‘Porch Entrance’ which is for people who have just started the course and this section of the forum is also frequented by Quareia students of all levels and volunteers/workers. 

 If you wish to be given access to the Apprentice section of the debate forum, you must be able to supply digital copies of your practical work up to and including apprentice module three. Have your essays and required work notes ready to show a mentor, preferably in word or PDF format.  You will be expected to stay in the Porch Entrance and actively engage for a period of time before you are given access to further boards.

Upon joining the forum, please read the forum rules and also introduce yourself.


Through debate in the forum which has students from all over the world, and interaction with the course mentors and volunteers, students are encouraged to research and discuss, to explore everything around them without prejudice, and to be better aware of issues that challenge how you think: it challenges racism, sexism and religious discrimination. The course covers issues of ethics, civil, social and personal responsibility, balance and integrity, and the complexities of cause and effect in one’s actions. These are all reflected in debates within the forum. While debate can often become impassioned, and at times heated, all of which is normal, we do not allow personal attacks on others, nor do we tolerate bullshit or empty ego strutting.

“Who questions much, shall learn much, and retain much."
– Francis Bacon