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Quareia Publishing grew out of the need to put into paperback the modular lessons of the Quareia course. Now the course has finished, we have decided to continue with publishing in a small way, and we now present interesting, and intelligent books for the magical reader.

We do not sell direct to the public, with the exception of the LXXXI Quareia Magicians deck, rather our books are available from Amazon and most online retail book stores.

The Full Quareia course in three large hardbacks - Apprentice, Initiate and Adept

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Available in three large A4 sized hardbacks and paperbacks, these weighty tomes condense the course into its three sections. It is the most extensive, in-depth, and intelligent up to date magical course that is currently available worldwide.

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The Book of Gates: Translation by Michael Sheppard, Commentry by Josephine McCarthy, illustrated by Stuart Littlejohn

The Book of Gates is a rich and epic magical translation of a little-known Ancient Egyptian funerary text that contains a wealth of mystical and magical secrets: The Book of Gates was meant for the living as much as the deceased, and its deeply enigmatic verses lead the reader on a harrowing yet uplifting journey through the Underworld in search of ascent and true adepthood.

Translated by Michael Sheppard, interpreted by Josephine McCarthy, and illustrated by Stuart Littlejohn, The Book of Gates offers the reader page after page of enigmatic puzzles, insights, and keys that reveal the timeless roots of alchemy, ritual, and magical vision. Quareia Publishing is truly proud to present a book so steeped in mystery, magical meaning, and ancient wisdom.

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Cyprian of Antioch: a Mage of Many Faces by Frater Acher

 Frater Acher’s book on Cyprian of Antioch is a detailed and intelligent analysis of little known strands of myth, history, evidence, and magical hearsay surrounding the enigmatic Cyprian of Antioch.

It is a detailed analysis of the lesser known aspects of the roots of St Cyprian of Antioch that moves beyond the familiar territory of what we know of St Cyprian, and peers in to some of the lesser known areas of history, legend and analysis, unearthing a complex and beautiful path that leads back to one man. Most importantly for magicians, Frater Acher's method of approach shows us how to unpick a mythos to reveal what lies beneath, and for that it is priceless.

This book is carefully approached in a highly accessible manner, while also being detailed in its analysis, strongly referenced, and absolutely fascinating.

" offers a lot of new leads and material which previously had not been available to an English-speaking audience. Maybe more importantly, it brings through the actual personality and nature of the spirit of St. Cyprian. It’s a treasure." – Jake Stratton Kent

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Minerva Britanna By Henry Peacham. Introduction by Josephine McCarthy

Written in the early seventeenth century by Henry Peacham, Minerva Britanna is an enigmatic magical book of poetry and images that mixes together Renaissance faery magic, Elizabethan codes, Hermetic wisdom, and echoes of kingly advice.

This edition is a facsimile of the original manuscript that has been carefully hand restored and cleaned, and is presented with an introduction by adept magical author Josephine McCarthy.

It is a puzzle book of those magical Mysteries that have to do with the land, the monarch, the sacred duties of the nobleman, and the faery secrets of Britain. 

It is also a book of visionary constructs, gateways, and keys, hidden among flattery, mathematical puzzles, and historical reflection, all rooted within the sacred land of Britain and the sacred kingship. For those wishing to delve into the deeper Mysteries of traditional English Renaissance faery magic, Minerva Britanna is the perfect book to work with.  

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