Section Three: The Adept

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This final section leads the magician into the advanced stages of training and equips the magician with the knowledge, skills and tools to step into the life of a true magical Adept. 

Although there are many aspects of magic in these modules that are not normally written about in magical books, there are also things intentionally left out: it is the role of the teacher to lead the magician to the door, but the magician must recognise that door for themselves, and be able to step through it alone, without prior knowledge.

Every lesson is this section points to a specific ‘door’, but it is up to the magician themselves to actually recognise these doors, to be able to step through them, recognise the room they are in and learn for themselves how to operate magically.

This is a very traditional way of teaching and potentially exposes the magician to vast, deep and powerful magical Mysteries.