Links to websites of friends and supporters or simply great online resources

The home of Josephine McCarthy's web presence. Here you can find her blog discussions around magic as well as interviews, free texts and free guided meditations.


The home of Frater Acher's essays, ritual accounts and occult blog. The goal of this webpage is to provide genuine insights into modern-day practice and study of Western magic - and how it connects to our everyday lives. Frater Acher comes from a background of sole ritual practice, visionary magic and Gestalt therapy.


Stuart Littlejohn is a magical artist who was one of the two artists involved in the creation of the Quareia LXXXI Magicians Deck, and also is the painter of artwork used for Quareia. Stuart has a long history of involvement in classical Roman and Egyptian magic, and is the partner of Quareia course writer Josephine McCarthy. This is Stuart's online gallery, with original art works for sale and a commissions page.


Cassandra Beanland is a magical artist who worked with Stuart Littlejohn in the creation of the Quareia LXXXI Magicians Deck. She is a visionary magician trained by Josephine McCarthy, and is also her eldest daughter. This is her on line gallery with original works of magical art and also prints for sale. is a free online resource to create semi-professional astrological charts. It is run by the Swiss company Astrodienst AG and its content is available in many European languages for free. Amongst many other functions it allows to create natal radix charts as well as to read daily transits. 


Looking for any old, out of print and rare to find magical books? is the largest internet database that allows you to perform a meta-search across most US libraries and their digital catalogues, including Google books. The result is amazing - and give you instant access to most ancient magical texts that our forefathers would have killed for. Enjoy! 


Doing good made stupid simple: Ecosia is a search engine that donates 80% of its income to a tree planting program in Brazil. By searching with Ecosia you can help the environment for free. The search engine Ecosia belongs to Berlin-based Ecosia GmbH, which is a German social business owned by Christian Kroll and Tim Schumacher.