The Apprentice

Module 4: Death and the Underworld

This is where the apprentice dips their tentative toe into the magical mysteries of death. It is a foundation stone in the mysteries and yet can be fraught with problems, so the module carefully tiptoes the apprentice through some of the more pertinent aspects of the death mysteries.

In this module, the magician learns the background mysteries of death, and observes some of the shadier corners of the death mysteries from a safe distance.

 It is a module where visionary work comes more into the fore, as does tarot readings and the study of clips from ancient texts. This gives the magician a deeper understanding of the ground that they stand upon, roots them in the underworld and prepares them to handle the various aspects of the inner worlds.

Course Study Information

Read before you start the course

 1) Pace yourself. Some modules can be done together, some cannot. You will quickly realise which ones are weekly exercises that are ongoing, and which ones you need to focus on exclusively. Work out a rota of study/experimentation that works for you. There is no clock ticking, and it is not a race.

2) Keep paper and online notes. This is very important. Get an exercise book for each module. Clearly mark which lesson the notes refer to and when you finish that module, put the notebook away. It is important that you work on paper as well as computer. Do your essays and written tasks on computer and store them on a USB stick so they are safe.

If you wish to be mentored through the Initiate and Adept training, these online and paper written notes will be a part of your application. Without them, you cannot be mentored

3) Learn to be flexible and adaptable. If you come across something in the course you are not sure how to do or do not fully understand, take a step back and think about it. It is important to learn how to adapt, experiment and move forward without having every step re explained many times over – if you get stuck, work it out for yourself!

4) Do not skim through the lessons. You simply will not learn and you will not properly develop. Slow down, take your time.

The Apprentice - Module 4 

Remember, twenty minutes a day of practice is far better than one or more hours once or twice a week. Little and often is the key.
— Josephine McCarthy