During the apprentice phase, the only companion on this journey for the student will be themselves. This is for a number of reasons, the biggest one being that before a magician can step into magical power, they have to first step into themselves. This can only happen by taking responsibility for oneself; learning how to self motivate, and to be able to work alone, unaided, and without a cheerleader, mummy, or daddy to hold ones hand.

The meditation aspects of the apprentice training are tough, and although most students will notmaster these skills during the apprentice phase,  it will set them on a road of longer term development: the apprentice should simply work towards constant improvement while studying the rest of the course.

Once the apprentice has reached module six of the Apprentice section, and can demonstrate that they have indeed done the work, then email advice will be freely given, but only if it is really needed and only on rare occasions. It truly is very important that this first section is completed with the minimum of help. If the apprentice does not give up or give in, but forges ahead despite any difficulties, they will become material that can then be formed, guided and strengthened into a true Initiate.

The first section of the training is about foundational magical skills that the rest of the training can sit upon. The apprentice learns how to use their mind, their imagination, the skill of ritual, the skill of visionary magic, along side learning how to develop their own innate inner senses.

It is a very practical training, with lots of hands on work and each skill is dovetailed into the next so that the apprentice slowly begins to learn and under- stand how all of the magical skills and powers flow together.

The lessons are detailed: each lesson has a very practical application which in turn develops the ‘magical muscle’ within the magician, thus preparing them for the power they will be exposed to in subsequent study sections.

It is not reference material or 'recipe magic' that can be dipped in and out of: the understanding of the foundations comes from the dovetailing, study, and layering of magic that forms within and around the apprentice.

It is designed to be self taught, with every detail and step assigned carefully and practically. By the end of this section, the apprentice will have all of the skills, knowledge and strength to take on the next stage of training.

I have addressed some of the questions and issues that come up for students in a series of blog posts. These can be found here on my personal blog.