Section One: The Apprentice

During the apprentice phase, the only companion on this journey for the student will be themselves. This is for a number of reasons, the biggest one being that before a magician can step into magical power, they have to first step into themselves. This can only happen by taking responsibility for oneself; learning how to self motivate, and to be able to work alone, unaided, and without a cheerleader, mummy, or daddy to hold ones hand.

 Once the apprentice has reached module six of the Apprentice section, and can demonstrate that they have indeed done the work, then email advice will be freely given, but only if it is really needed and only on rare occasions. It truly is very important that this first section is completed with the minimum of help. If the apprentice does not give up or give in, but forges ahead despite any difficulties, they will become material that can then be formed, guided and strengthened into a true Initiate. 

The news section of the website holds various posts that discuss problems and questions that have come up through feedback with students. In particular, issues with meditation have been addressed through these posts, and you may find the advice in the news section useful in your practice.
There are also various posts on my personal blog that refer directly to issues regarding Quareia training, with advice and tips on how to approach Quareia study.


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