How to Approach the Quareia Course

In order for the course to work properly for you, there are some things you need to keep in mind before you start.


The course is specifically designed so that each lesson builds upon the next. If you cherry pick the lessons, they will make no sense to you and they will not work to their full magical potential, as each lesson dovetails magically into the next. In the early modules, you will find that some lessons can be done side by side, but as the course progresses, each one lays a foundation for the next lesson.

If you have already had major magical training, still don't skip over modules or lessons as they form part of an overall magical inner pattern. Instead, you will find that you only need to do a certain exercise once rather than the suggested repeats. This will help you move faster through the pattern of training.

Within the lessons are many subtle pointers, details and pertinent information. Do not skim through the lessons as you will miss the fine details woven into them: even if you feel you have already covered the subject matter, many of the lessons, even the most basic ones, have seeds within them for the later work. These seeds are not in any of my books or anyone else’s books: work carefully if you wish to be successful.


Do not rush through the lessons. Some of the lessons have exercises within them that are energetically tough and are designed to push you, strengthen you and focus you in subtle ways. Find your own pace that works for you and treat the course like long term marathon training. This course takes years, not months.

And most important of all, enjoy yourself. There is a lot of fun and curiosity written into the course, and if you are enjoying what you do, you will learn better and the lessons will stick in your mind.

Journals and exercises

Each lesson potentially has a combination of exercises, journal keeping, computer logs, and most have experiments. When you are directed to put something into your journal, it usually refers to handwriting in a physical journal. You can also then type it into a computer file if you wish. Even if you do not wish to be mentored, the handwriting work with the journal is important, as it is a pre cursor exercise to learning how to achieve ‘contacted writing’, and is also an element in learning how to empower sigils. If you have serious hand problems, then simply use computer journals.

If you wish to be mentored through the initiate and adept section, there are some things you need to keep in mind. Acceptance for mentoring is dependent upon your work records. For this reason, follow the instructions in each lesson in regards to note taking, essay writing and other written tasks. Each module you study should have its own journal (a basic soft back exercise book will suffice), and with each entry, ensure that the lesson name and number is on the top of the page.

When you are directed to do notes, essays and projects on computer, (most of your writing work will be done on computer) do them in 'Word' for mentor submission and keep backups of your entire Quareia computer work. When you are directed to do something in your journal, it must be hand written and we must be able to read it. All of the work must be in English. We understand that English may be a second or third language for some students, and in such cases we are not concerned with grammar, just so long as we can understand and read what you are saying. When you apply for mentoring, the admissions fellow will request to see certain journals and computer files to see if you have done and understood the work.