How We Use Your Donations

it is time to look at a different way of ensuring
that the integrity of magic continues for future generations.

At Quareia, everyone is a volunteer and all the money you donate is used to ensure the work of Quareia continues. The ongoing work of Quareia consists of maintaining and expanding the website, mentoring and assisting students on line from all over the world free of charge, maintaining an archive, up keeping private student forums, developing and producing free E books as supporting study material, and organising low cost UK residentials for students.

We have a board of Trustees, some of whom are students, who oversee our budget, vote on future activities, and ensure that all the volunteers of Quareia work to the aims, objectives and policies of Quareia. The initial Quareia project has now matured into a small organisation of volunteers who steer the project forward into the future on an ethical magical path.

Our Ethos

In a world that is becoming intellectually crippled by consumerism and the constant drive for higher and higher profits, we decided to step back and re think how magic, western esotericism and mysticism can move forward into the future if it is to survive the onslaught of commercialism.

 While some in first world countries have good incomes that they can spend on such pursuits, many do not, and in other countries around the world, often a weeks wage is no more than $30. While a person may have access to the internet they do not have access to the resources to properly pursue a path of magical mystical development and study. We at Quareia feel that is deeply unfair, and that such a profound path should not have a commercial barrier that locks out the many in preference to the few.

 If a person has a deep longing and interest in magical and spiritual development, then training should be accessible to them if they are willing to walk the tough path of inner and magical evolution. We provide the training, with free mentoring, and it is up to people to contribute as they wish or can. We encourage those who cannot donate or do not wish to, to instead pay it forward – help others in life, as you have been helped. Making a better world for all starts with us as individuals.

 Please consider supporting the work of Quareia  - our work continues with your help.

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Would you like to help us with a one off donation? or a monthly amount of your choice?  Every little helps, and can make a major difference to us.  


Your financial support helps us to expand and develop Quareia for the long term future.

Creating and presenting the Quareia course material for free is a part of a worldwide shift in how education in general is being approached: top ranking universities around the world are putting their course lectures online for free in a move to ensure access to education is equal for all.

We feel it is necessary to follow this unique movement in opening up magical education, so that regardless of income or location, people who wish to become dedicated to proper magical training can do so.

Unlike universities, we do not have funding nor do we have paying students: we rely solely on donations to keep the work online, to develop necessary resources for student study, to give lots of time and attention to mentoring students, free advice to those who need it, and to provide free study books or resources for students in countries where they are not available for one reason or another.

We achieve this through donations from students, and also supporters who wish to see the Quareia project succeed and grow.

As Quareia Director, I am acutely aware of the importance of our supporters. Thanks to their magnificent generosity, Quareia has been able to make extraordinary strides in the development of a new future for magic.

 The committed support of our donors is the lifeblood of Quareia, and we quite simply couldn’t go on developing new pathways, producing new resources, and supporting students freely, without them. I hope you will consider supporting Quareia, and join with us in forging a new future for magic.

 Great things are never achieved alone, but they are possible through the support of a community. If you can help in anyway, please join us to bring positive and lasting change to magical training worldwide.

Thank you for your support - without the help and support of people like you, Quareia would not exist!

Quareia -  Keeping magic freely available!