QUAREIA Mentoring

The reputation of Quareia comes from the rigorous high standards of the magical work: by their fruits shall ye know them. 

Once a student has finished the apprentice section, they can apply to Quareia to be mentored through the Initiate and Adept sections. Quareia mentoring is not teaching, rather it has two functions: one is to witness that you have done the work (by checking your notes and asking you questions), and to ensure that you have understood fully the work that you have done. The second function of mentoring is to ensure that the mentored student has all the necessary advice, guidance or discussion, and resources when and where it is necessary.

The Quareia course is a tough one, and what makes it tough besides the work, is that you walk this path alone without teachers, cheerleaders, mummies, or idols to impress. We chart your progress, offering advice, discussion, and analysis when necessary, and we confirm that you have indeed reached various milestones.

At the end of the adept section, the magician is challenged by Josephine McCarthy to demonstrate their theoretical, technical, and practical knowledge and skills. If the magician passes these tests, they are acknowledged as an adept ashlar of Quareia: an Ashlar of the Quarry. Your name will be registered in the Quareia rolls as an adept, and you will be invited into the Fellows of Quareia.

 The Fellows of Quareia are a magical family spread across the world who support each other as needed, who work together on necessary projects, and who pool their collective knowledge in order to work, teach and serve. Fellows are from all walks of life, including scientists, business people, artists, carers, writers, and tech developers.

How to apply for mentoring

There is no mentoring for the Apprentice section. Mentoring starts with the completion of the Apprentice section, and the beginning of the Initiate section.

To apply for Initiate mentoring you must have completed the full Apprentice section of the course and have completed all the tasks in each lesson, and have the written work, records and journals to prove it.  If you are applying for adept mentoring, you must have all of your apprentice and initiate work completed. If you have been already mentored as an initiate, and successfully completed the Initiate section, your application for adept mentoring will be automatically accepted.

Have all of your files in word format or PDF, and all images requested should be JPEGs or PNG files. Pages of hand written journals should be sent in scanned PDF form or the whole journal can be posted to us at an address given to you. You will be asked to pay the return postage if you post any content to us.

Your notes, essays, images and journals, etc. will be requested from random lessons and assessed by an adept. If you have demonstrated that you have completed and fully understood the assigned work, you will be invited to be mentored.

Besides having your progress charted, and having an adviser to hand if needed, there are other benefits that Quareia brings to mentored initiates and adepts. We can help you source things that you may need, and we offer practical assistance with resources when we can. It also brings the magical student into the orbit of the Fellows of the Quarry.

The mentored student will receive invites to any private magical gatherings that are organised for the benefit of the students. The costs are shared out equally between everyone and no one makes a profit from these gatherings.

Once you are ready to apply and have all your study papers and written assignments in a proper format, email the Director of Quareia School at - director@quareia.com

Mentoring Donations

Mentoring has no charge: in order to ensure it is affordable from any country in the world, mentoring is done on a donation only basis. What you donate and how often is purely up to you: you are taken on trust, and expected to be fair and honest. If you cannot donate or wish not to, then you will still be mentored if you pass the screening process: the donation process is purely voluntary.

 All donations go to supporting the continued work of Quareia.

The donations are also occasionally used to help a mentored student if they cannot access necessary supplies or books needed for their course work.

We have a great dream but we also have to deal with the real world and all that such entails. We are doing this to step magic out of the expensive commercial pattern that so often presents in Western magical education, but also to ensure that people around the world who can read English and have internet access, who live in poor countries or who work in low paid jobs can access good quality magical education. Quareia is for everyone, not just the rich!

Please consider supporting Quareia by a donation subscription - your help enables our work to continue and flourish. There are three options: A-£5 a month B-£15 a month C-£25 a month

Thank you! Josephine McCarthy & Frater Acher