LXXXI - The Quareia Magicians Deck & Book

A divinatory card deck for the experienced magician.

The LXXXI Quareia Magicians Deck | 1st edition | now expanded and revised 2nd edition open for order!

The LXXXI Quareia Magicians Deck | 1st edition | now expanded and revised 2nd edition open for order!

What it is.

LXXXI - The Quareia Magician's Deck is a unique magical tool for 21st century magicians. LXXXI is a collaboration between magical artists Stuart Littlejohn and Cassandra Beanland, and magical adept Josephine McCarthy. All of the paintings are original works of art in oil, acrylic, or water colour, and are the result of three years painting and collaboration.

The deck has 81 cards, a mystical number that relates to completion, and it is divided in to four realms: the Divine Realm (red borders), the Inner realm (blue borders), the physical world (green borders) and the realm of death and the underworld (black borders). The further away from humanity a being or place is, the less human it becomes. This is reflected in the deck, and can teach a magician a great deal about how beings function and why.

LXXXI - The Quareia Magician's Deck  is not based upon any tarot system, but rather it draws upon the mythic, mystical and magical powers that underpin the magical systems that tarot eventually developed out of. It is based upon real inner realms, real inner contacts, beings and forces that the practitioner of magic is very likely to involve themselves with. 

Because of this approach, the deck works as a contacted deck, i.e. used magically the images can act as gateways to inner realms, inner beings and magical patterns. It can be used for magical or mundane divination, or as a direct connection to inner contacts, as gateways for meditation, magical visionary work , soul exploration, or contacted ritual work. To ensure that the images do not become entangled in magical misconceptions, we have moved away from the relatively modern use of set ‘names’ for the beings in the images, and instead we have reverted to a very ancient way of presenting inner beings: wename them according to what they do. That way, there is no ambiguity about what a being actually is. 

Get Your Cards.

In order to magically work with LXXXI you have to hold physical cards in your hands. Unfortunately therefore it was impossible to make them available for free. In line with Quareia’s ethos, however, we made them accessible at the lowest possible point of cost. Below you can order the 2nd edition deck, depending on where in the world you would like to have them shipped. Please note: sadly we cannot ship to China as the deck & printed book are both on the Chinese customs prohibited list.

US and WW Customers | 3rd edition deck in two sizes!

We no longer ship the deck out of Europe, however the deck is available from our print on demand/drop ship site based in the USA.

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UK Customers Only | 2nd Edition deck & Book

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Get the Book for Free.

The LXXXI Quareia Magicians book (2nd edition) accompanies the Quareia Magicians card-deck.  The 2nd edition vastly expands upon the original deck-book, and has full page colour images of the cards, mundane as well as magical interpretations, and a wider selection of spreads/layouts. It is a book that can be useful to the Quareia Magical student as the powers in each card relate directly to the Quareia magical path.

In keeping with the ethos of Quareia, the complete LXXXI Quareia Magicians Book (2nd edition) is available as a free download below - both in English and Spanish. It is a required tool for the Initiate and Adept section of the Quareia course. Additionally, the print version of the book is available on all amazon retail outlets.

LXXXI Quareia Magicians Book

2nd edition | English language

LXXXI Quareia Magicians Book

2nd edition | Spanish language

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