Archive of Visionary work

by Josephine McCarthy

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These visions are visions of service to the land and your ancestors, and visions of service to various presentations of the Divine within everything, including yourself. Some of them can be quite long – there are two ways you can work with them. One way to work with these texts is to record the vision and then to follow the recording in your mind as you meditate (a passive vision), but allow for spontaneous images or events that may emerge unexpectedly: these visions are maps, but what you encounter on your journey can be unique to you. 

 I would strongly suggest however, that you do not allow yourself to ‘play out’ in your imagination by intentionally creating scenes or people that you wish to psychologically project: this work is magical and is not psychological pathworking.

 These visions are not about your psychology, but are interfaces with real inner powers, so treat them with caution and respect, as a great deal of power can flow through them. Do not lie down to do these visions; sit up so that you do not fall asleep.

 The second way to work with these visions if you do not wish to record them, is to work out the basic key points in the vision, which are like critical points of the map. It is important to know where you are going, how you get there and how you get back.

 I would also suggest writing down in a journal what you saw and experienced, and to do it as quickly as you can after finishing the vision. With powerful contacted vision, often the details vanish from your mind pretty quickly, and it is often the details which hold important information for you for the future.


Carrying the Forest Through Time

This vision is work I developed in the early 1990’s while working with the redwoods in Northern California. Over time I made a contact in the forest that prompted me to learn how to preserve the inner pattern of certain plants and trees to ensure that the inner pattern of their existence travelled into the future regardless of what happened to them physically during our time.

Through doing this work, I slowly learned that each species has what I call an Inner Pattern (for want of a better word) without which it appeared a species could not continue or regenerate. This vision is a magical way to be of service to the forest and land.


Breathing with the Forest - working with trees

Learning to work in vision with trees is a valuable aspect of visionary magic that is particularly relevant today with the immense issues of environmental and climate emergencies. There are many things we can do practically to help the environment around us, but there are also magical things we can do to uphold a tiny part of the land, rivers, plants, creatures and forests around us.

Everyone can play their part in upholding the ‘Garden’ and for magicians, one of the things we can do is adopt a patch of land and work regularly with it. The method in this vision is centred upon working with trees, but with a bit of careful and creative thought, the method worked with in this vision can be adapted for working with plants, rivers and lakes.


Guarding the Children

Guarding the Children is a vision of service to the people in the past, present and future of your extended bloodline. It is a form of ancestral service where you give a bit of your time to protect children and vulnerable people in your bloodline when you hear the call to do such work. It is something I have worked with for many years for my own family and also for my own children when they were babies.


Chapel of the Void

 This vision from my work in 1993 is something I stumbled into while listening to Armenian chants when half asleep. I took the elements of the spontaneous vision and formed them into a working vision that I and other magicians could work with repeatedly. It is a place of mystical threshold that is a dynamic that runs through all of the Abrahamic religions, and can be worked with both for self magical /mystical development, and also in service. I have worked with it for many years now and each time I work with it, it strengthens.


Rock of the Mother: The Threshing Floor

The Rock of the Mother is a sacred rock outcrop that exists out in the world and is a central focus for the Abrahamic religions. This visionary work is something I developed in 1995 and worked intensively with (along with other related visions) in vision and in ritual. The vision came out of a series of dreams I had during a particularly intensive period of Kabbalistic work I was doing during the mid 1990’s.


Paradise on Earth

This vision is a root vision connected with the formation and construction of a sacred place, and is connected to the Kabbalistic work I was developing during the mid 1990’s. It is a vision that works upon the method of mediating and bridging inner power and utterance.


The Inner Landscape

The Inner Landscape vision takes the magician to a root place that is a primal template for the sacred magical tree, something that is worked with by adept magicians. It is a concept I worked with strongly during the mid 1990’s, but it is not something I developed from scratch: this pattern has very ancient roots and is a concept that can be found in ancient and early modern religions and mythologies of various cultures in the Near and Middle East.


The vision of Ancestors

This visionary method teaches the magician way to use vision in order to connect with the consciousness of distant and ancient ancestors. It is something I worked with when teaching groups of students in the early and mid 1990’s.

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