Archive of magical stories

by Josephine McCarthy

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How to work with magical stories

This short essay outlines for magicians why we work with stories, what we can draw from them, and how best to approach working with magical stories to extract visions and ritual from the story itself.


The Book of Death

The Book of Death is story where we follow a character through the last few days of her life, and we walk through with her into death and beyond. The story touches on the powers, places and beings the character encounters in the various stages of the death process as well as introducing the reader to the landscape of death and beyond.

This story, once absorbed simply as a story, can then be worked with to extract a visionary pathway through which the magician can step into the realm of death in vision in order to work magically.


Beaghmore – Secrets of the Stones

Beaghmore is a story about a person’s interactions with a stone circle complex in Northern Ireland. Beyond the actual story and embedded within it, are signposts and keys to working with stone circles. It also touches upon the experiences of the ‘sight’ – the inner seeing with the mind’s eye and what a quiet voice it can be: the key to developing the sight is to pay attention.  The story also outlines the deep underlying relationship between the land, the Underworld and the stars, a constant ‘ladder’ of power and communion that a person can tap into to work in service to the land: the human acts as a bridge or axis between the dynamics. The story also looks at working with storms at a deep level in vision, not to alter the weather, but to join in communion with the vast powers of weather systems; where the consciousness of the storm and the human become one.


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